Megafold Acoustic Movable Partition

Overhead Track System

Specially casted hardwearing fire resistant heavy duty steel or aluminium track to suit the necessary stacking requirement. Intersection design shall prevent carrier wheels from dropping into track slot.

Heavy duty multi

directional roller carrier to facilitate excellent panel movement through curved and straight track section.

Panel shall be Megafold Super 900

Acoustic Sound Seal Operable Wall/ Partition with unique rapid seal winding mechanism and robust Vertical Seals edge profile ensuring close fit on all panels.

Panel Configuration

Panels are custom built to suit the specified requirement. Each panel thickness is 100mm maximum; width is 1200mm respectively, which shall conform to the manufacturer’s standard. Individual panel is reinforced with welded steel frame and both sides of the outer surface are mounted with 12mm particle board. Internal structure is built with steel mechanism incorporating superior performance Top and Bottom retractable sound seals device. Internal space/ cavities are filled with not less 60kg M thick rock wool.

Megafold Acoustic Sound Seal System

With built in superior retractable Top and Bottom seals consist of extruded aluminium channel anodized with rubber seal laminated and is operated by handle via jacking lock system with spring loaded telescoping rods. Vertical seals of each panel are comprised of deep tongue and grove type extruded aluminium laminated with rubber seal. No Bottom track is required in Megafold Acoustic System Top and Bottom seals do not contact the track and floor during panel movement. When sound seals are compressed, it gives up to 2000 Newtons per panel pressure and position the panel in solid stability with Top and Bottom seals compressed against track and floor with tight acoustical seals including adjustable telescopic panel.

Panel Surface

Shall be bare finish 12mm particle boards. However, it can accommodate any decorative designs like wood veneer, wall fabrics painting and etc (by others)

Acoustic Sound Rating of Megafold

operable wall partition with high acoustical performance should provide sound attenuation of 46Db to 52dB average.


of each panel shall be average 4kg per sq.ft depending on panel size.

Application and Operation

shall consist of a series of individual flat wall panels manually operated and permits stacking flexibility at center or remote side stacking.

Megafold Catalogue